The Story behind LumbaCurve

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The initial idea of LumbaCurve was conceived around 2000 by company founder David Pegg during a dinner with an ex-school friend whilst discussing his friend’s back pain and how to overcome it. Eventually, a rough sketch of a concept was drawn on a napkin with the basic aim of stretching the back in order to […]

Armed Forces Back Pain Relief Device

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LumbaCurve in camouflage design has been selected as the British Army’s primary therapy for back pain relief for soldiers on active combat duty. The initial contract is for the supply of the camouflage version for use in jungle warfare where combatants are often carrying 70lb back packs for days at a time. LumbaCurve is seen as […]

Cornish Artist Praises LumbaCurve Back Pain Relief

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Fantastic LumbaCurve Review from Cornish artist. Although LumbaCurve has been clinically proven to be considerably more effective than NHS treatment guidelines in the treatment of mechanical low back pain, it’s always great to receive accolades and compliments from actual users rather than clinical research abstracts presented at a pain society event. Here is an anecdotal story […]

Back Care Awareness Week 2017

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Its estimated that Lower back pain affects some 10 million Britons every day, according to the National Back Pain Society, resulting in a reliance on over-the-counter remedies and an estimated £530 million annual spend on pain medication. Indeed the NHS spends over £1 billion pounds annually. Significantly, the majority of lower back pain complaints are […]

Weightlifting Back Pain

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Like many types of physical exercise, weight lifting has many potential benefits for spinal health, but also has the potential to create or worsen back injuries. Flexing your back muscles against resistance, while weightlifting, puts it a compromised position. Low back pain can often be caused by poor posture or technique. Extending and flexing the […]

LumbaCurve Selected for Amazon Innovation Launchpad

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[Press Release] We are pleased to announce that  LumbaCurve Back Pain Relief has been selected to be showcased on Amazon’s Innovation Launchpad platform. Amazon Launchpad is a unique programme that showcases cutting-edge products to millions of Amazon customers. LumbaCurve is an innovative device designed to alleviate low back pain, naturally. Developed over six years in the […]

Steroid injections for spinal stenosis?

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Research has been carried out which indicates steroid injections to provide back pain relief in older adults are sometimes ineffective. The findings, published in Spine medical journal showed that patients receiving steroid injections for lower spinal degeneration could fare worse than those who did not receive the treatment. The research, carried out 276 older adults […]

Fitpro review of LumbaCurve back pain relief

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Fitpro is the world’s largest association of fitness professionals and online resource for groups, instructors, personal trainers and everyone fanatical about fitness. Here is a summary of their review of the LumbaCurve back pain relief product which appeared in the September 2014 magazine. “At first glance, the LumbaCurve seems fairly innocuous in comparison to it’s […]

Simple back pain treatment

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If you are suffering lower back pain as you read this, you are not alone. Most adults at some point will experience back pain that interferes with all aspects of life, be it daily routine, travel, recreation, or even sleep. It’s the most common cause of work related disability, and is the second most common […]

LumbaCurve clinically proven to reduce back pain

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LumbaCurve International has announced the successful completion of the clinical evaluation of it’s innovative back pain relief product and needless to say, the results were as expected in that LumbaCurve was found to be significantly more effective than the standard NHS care guidelines against which it was being compared. The independent evaluation, carried out by the […]