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What is LumbaCurve?

It’s a simple yet ingenious lower back pain relief product that really can bring relief to millions of sufferers everywhere. LumbaCurve can be used by most adults as a home treatment for back pain, or healthcare professionals such as phy­si­ot­he­rap­ists, chiropractors and osteopaths in the treatment room. LumbaCurve merges both East and West therapies to provide drug free back pain relief and mobility for a range of ailments including non specific mechanical low back pain, and sciatica as well sports related injuries or post exercise muscle fatigue. LumbaCurve has undergone independent clinical trials and has been found to be significantly more effective in reducing back pain than current standard treatment guidelines, offered through NHS (NICE) guidelines for treating low back pain.

How it works

Great product for low back pain
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are convinced that LumbaCurve is the best back pain relief product available. Have a look at our testimonials, expert opinions, and reviews on LumbaCurve as an effective treatment for low back pain and judge for yourself.  We only want 100% satisfied customers so if you are not absolutely convinced of the benefits of LumbaCurve in terms of pain relief and mobility, within 30 days, then simply return for a full refund.

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Is simplicity itself to use

LumbaCurve back pain relief is very easy to use, totally portable, requires no power supply, and comes complete with user guide, DVD, and travel bag. Use it home for pain relief or take it with you on your travels. Simply lie on the floor and slide LumbaCurve under the base of your back. Do a few easy exercises and relax - for literally a few minutes each day. With minimal effort and time the results can be extraordinary!

How to use

  • Slide LumbaCurve under your lumbar area
  • Relax
  • Continue to relax
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