New back pain products

There are a growing number of back pain products and back pain solutions designed to provide back pain relief, either at home, or on the move, both on the internet or through mail order promotions. A couple of new back pain relief products are Dynaspine, designed to prevent back pain problems use whilst seated, and Back-tek, which incorporates FIR (Far Infrared Heat) to help back pain relief

Dynaspine Portable Back Support

From Dynaspine International, the Dynaspine back support is lightweight, portable and provides dynamic support for the spine and surrounding joints. It has been specifically designed to prevent back problems and provide back pain relief, whilst seated.

The design of the Dynaspine portable back support allows the 2 flexible plates to conform to the shape of your spine and encourage movement whilst in the seated position to achieve back pain relief and back pain prevention. Having poor posture when seated or sitting for long periods of time can lead to back pain,muscle aches, nerve pains and tension in the back and shoulders.

Dynaspine retails at £79.99

Back – tek

Another back pain product is Back-tek, a new FIH (Far Infrared Heat) Therapy device, for lower back pain relief recently launched by US based York Biomedical Inc

The Back – tek combines deep penetrating FIH with a medically designed support system provide back pain, relief, promote healing, and accelerate rehabilitation. Far infrared heat is created by light that penetrates the skin and is converted into heat, relaxing muscles, promoting healing and relieving back pain.

Heat is a frequently prescribed, medically accepted treatment for temporary back pain relief of common low back pain caused by minor muscle pain and stiffness, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains, joint pain associated with arthritis and muscle fatigue caused by exercise or strenuous activity

Unlike conventional hot packs or heating pads that simply heat the surface of the skin, the Back-tek delivers Far Infrared thermal energy beneath the surface of the skin where it is needed most. This helps to dilate blood vessels in the affected area allowing better blood flow to help eliminate toxins and metabolic waste, assist healing and allow back pain relief.
Using high grade ceramic far infrared light generating technology called Y-Wave, the Back-tek system delivers heat directly to the affected area without warming or burning the skin.

It delivers with a surface area 400% larger than other, coil based products. Far infrared heat is created by light that penetrates the skin and is converted into heat, relaxing muscles, promoting healing and giving pain relief.
The Back-tek retails at $250

LumbaCurve Lower Back Pain Relief Products article

How to use LumbaCurve to get Back Pain Relief

Video on how to use the LumbaCurve back pain therapy device

The film features LumbaCurve techniques that can provide effective lower back pain relief

LumbaCurve Back Pain Relief Products are now available online either from LumbaCurve International directly or through several retailers including Amazon


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