How It works..

LumbaCurve has been clinically tested to provide back pain relief and mobility, focussing on the lower back or lumbar region (joints L4/L5/S1) where most back pain occurs. Simplistically back pain occurs where tissue (often a disc) touches a nerve. If you can alter that condition then you can relieve the back pain.


The elements of LumbaCurve therapy..
  • By lying on LumbaCurve, the lumbar spine is gently stretched, passive gravity assisted traction (PGAT) causing the pressure on the discs to be reduced, rather like a physiotherapist would do with with stretching exercises.
  • Carrying out a very simple exercise on LumbaCurve encourages the facet joints to mobilise, similar to the "thumbing" action of a chiropractor, attempting to push the joints apart, again allowing the discs to relax and ease pressure on the nerves causing the pain.
  • The patented design features of LumbaCurve apply pressure to acupressure points in the lower back associated with pain relief as practised in Shiatsu massage or other Oriental therapies.
  • LumbaCurve is clinically tested to bring pain relief and mobility and is offered with a full moneyback guarantee.
Accrupressure points in details..
The diagram below illustrates the contact areas of LumbaCurve™, featuring the principal acupressure zones for the treatment of back pain and other symptoms in accordance with the classical writings of traditional Oriental theory.

As desirable as it may be, lying on the back will only provide varying and temporary relief. A more proactive and effective measure is required in addressing the root cause of the lower back pain for sustained results. This is where LumbaCurve back pain treatment really comes in to its own.