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"It helps you stretch in a way you wouldn't otherwise be able to. People get back pain in their lower back when the natural slight 'c' shape of their lumbar spine becomes straightened by bad posture or sitting in an office chair. Bending over LumbaCurve would help restore the natural curvature and ease pressure and pain."
Daily Mail - Dr Andrew Martin ActiveBacks Clinics London


"Initial findings report that through a four week intervention programme, significant improvements in patient reported back pain levels are demonstrated following standardised care plus LumbaCurve™ intervention."
Independent research abstract
Society for Back Pain Research (Annual conference Dublin)


“I have been very impressed with the improvement in inter segmental mobility of the lumbar spine in a relatively short period of time. My wife has suffered with chronic lower back pain and stiffness since having a micro discectomy 4 years ago and has made dramatic improvement with daily use of the Lumbacurve in only 10 days. I am interested in recommending the use of the LumbaCurve to my chronic lower back pain patients.”
Kevin Pistak
Dr of Chiropractic


“I have been using the LumbaCurve for the last 3 months and have found it to be very beneficial for my own low back pain. I have prescribed it to a number of my patients who have all found it helps reduce their low back pain levels. I would recommend this for all patients who have soft tissue related back pain.”
DR Andy Massey GP
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP HPC


“Having personally used the LumbaCurve device after suffering from lower back pain, I believe that LumbaCurve is of benefit to some patients suffering from discal problems, amongst other lower back pain issues that commonly occur. I am very interested in the ongoing development of this product, including the completion of the Randomised Control Trial currently underway at the Allied Health Professions Research Unit of the University of Central Lancashire.” 
Mr George Ampat
FRCS Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


"With 26 years experience of teaching yoga and Shiatsu, as well as running a busy acupuncture and Shiatsu clinic I am always keen to see the latest health products on the market.
I’d heard a lot about this amazing LumbaCurve and the impact it was having on back pain, so I decided to order one. I wasn’t disappointed. My initial reaction was it’s organic and yet strongly futuristic shape. Unlike most spinal products that look rather awkward. LumbaCurve is naturally formed to snug into and around contours of the lower spine. It looks exactly what it was designed to do; relieve back pain!
They really have a winner here, and it doesn’t just look good. The designers of LumbaCurve have been thorough in their attention to detail creating an extremely effective tool against the blight of back pain.
It really is in a class of its own. Wonderful!”
Sue Law Beaumont
Dip. Shiatsu M.R.S.S. & Dip Acupuncture
Member International Acupuncture Society


An explanation of how LumbaCurve back pain devices can provide an effective drug free lower back pain therapy which could offer back pain relief by Bernard Nolan B.B.Ac.C (UK), a leading practitioner in the ancient healing therapy of Shiatsu